Virtual Newsmakers Talking About Heartbleed

On April 18 2014, I was the guest on Virtual Newsmakers discussing the Heartbleed bug. A special thank you to Cynthia Seymour and Debbie Elicksen for having me join them.


Communication in Business

  One of the biggest problems in business is proper communication. Communication does not mean we talked I sent an email and I have communicated. It means so much more then that. Many businesses do not communicate well with suppliers, contractors and even other businesses. They almost want you to read your mind. Then theyContinue Reading

1% of all WordPress Sites Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed

According to our friends at Wordfence, 1% of all WordPress sites using SSL are still vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.This is still a large number. Please see the email from Wordfence below: Dear WordPress Publisher, If you would like to stop receiving WordPress security alerts and product updates from Wordfence, you can click here.  You subscribedContinue Reading

Why a Marketing Business Will Fail

Recently I was talking to a local business owner that was trying to build his marketing business. The interesting thing he does not have a website. How do you market and show off your work without a web site? This individual thinks having a Facebook page and a Twitter account is good enough. He saysContinue Reading


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