Trip Down Memory Lane – The Apple II


One of the reasons I am in the technology business is because of the Apple II. My Dad had one at home for work. He used it to create accounting spreadsheets on it with the program of it’s time – Visicalc. Viscalc was the Excel of it’s day and one of the reasons personal computer became so popular.

The Apple II used two disk drives for storage. They were 5 1/4 360K single side double density disks. They are so expensive we used to punch holes in the disks so we could use the back which was uncertified.

I finally saved up enough money so I could purchase a 300 Baud modem. I used this modem to connect to Bulletin Board Systems(BBS) and even Compuserve. How we every survived using speeds this slow I will never know.

I used the Apple II to program in basic and learn how to create spreadsheet. I also played games on the Apple II. My all time favorite game is Ultimate IV. I spent so much time playing this game 30 years ago that I no longer play role playing games any longer.

Those were sure the days.


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